5-7 November 2014
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Atakent Exhibition Centre

Exhibitions on the Chemical and the Plastics Industry in Almaty Have Showed a Twofold Increase!

On November 5-7, in Almaty, the Petrochemical Industry Exhibition Chemie 2014 and Plastex Central Asia 2014 “Raw Materials, Equipment and Technologies for Plastics and Rubbers Production and Processing” will be held simultaneously with the Exhibitions on Packaging, Food Industry and Agriculture.
The joint exposition of Chemie/Plastex Central Asia 2014 will present 34 companies, which is almost twice as much as compared to the previous event in 2012. We should remind that these expo events are held once every two years. The organizers are the Kazakhstan Exhibition Company ITECA and its international partners ITE Group (UK), GIMA (Germany), ITE Pacific (Malaysia), and ITE China (China).

Participants of Chemie/Plastex Central Asia 2014 represent companies from Austria, Hungary, Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Russia, South Korea, Uzbekistan and Switzerland. National stands are presented by Austria, Germany and a group of manufacturing companies from Uzbekistan.

Among the Austrian participants of the Exhibition there is one of the world leading companies in production of equipment for the plastics industry – Engel Austria GmbH, which will present robots for pouring plastic into a mould under pressure by injection. The products of the Group of companies “Battenfeld-cincinnati” will be topical for Kazakhstan audience, as this company is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of energy saving, high-performance extruders and extrusion lines of full cycle for production of pipes, profiles and sheets. “VMA-GETZMANN GmbH” will present innovative dispersing and milling systems.

In addition to the production of black masterbatch of secondary and higher quality, companies from China will present the production of blow moulding machines, masterbatches, additives and engineering plastics, as well as the production of processing equipment and injection moulding facilities.

Kazakhstan Petrochemical Company “Chemical” and its partner HEMINGSTONE MACHINERY CO., LTD will present the production of a wide range of plastic products. A representative office of “Clariant Consulting AG” (Switzerland) in Kazakhstan will present the production and sale of industrial special chemicals for plastics.

For more detailed information about the participants and possibilities of the Exhibitions please visit the websites www.chemie.kz and www.plastex.kz.

Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2014