5-7 November 2014
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Atakent Exhibition Centre
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Plastex Central Asia 2014

6th International Specialized Exhibition on Raw Materials, Equipment and Technologies for Plastics and Rubbers Production and Processing

  • DATES: November 5-7, 2014
  • VENUE: Atakent International Exhibition Center, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • FREQUENCY: bi-annual

:: Official Support
  • Almaty City Administration

:: Organisers

:: Country Overview Kazakhstan has rich oil and gas reserves in its western regions and is one of the world's largest oil producers.

Ten years ago, Kazakhstan became the first of the CIS countries to receive an investment-grade rating from the international rating agencies such as Moody's Investors Service, Standard & Poor's, Fitch Ratings and A.M. Best Company. The country is rated as "BBB" and "Stable" in all cases.

Total international reserves of Kazakhstan, including foreign exchange reserves of the National Bank and the assets of the National Fund, showed 4.3% growth for the period between January and March 2014 and reached $99.3 billion.

:: Government Regulation of Petrochemical Industry Creating a world-class petrochemical industry in Kazakhstan is one of the main priorities in economic diversification through comprehensive and deep processing of hydrocarbons.

Today, as part of the State Program for Rapid Industrial and Innovation Development of Kazakhstan in 2010-2014 years and the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2015, construction of world-class petrochemical plants is underway.
  • Construction of Integrated Gas and Chemical Complex investment project in the Region of Atyrau (production capacity of 500,000 tons of polypropylene per year and 800,000 tons of polyethylene per year);
  • Construction of the Aromatic Hydrocarbons Production Complex at the Atyrau Refinery investment project (production capacity of 133,000 tons of benzene per year and 496,000 tons of p-xylene per year);
  • Production of Road Bitumen at the Aktau Plastics Plant investment project (production capacity of 400,000 tons of road bitumen per year).

:: Why Plastex Central Asia? Production and processing of plastics is one of the fastest growing sectors in the petrochemical industry. Widespread use of polymeric materials is the basis for a technological breakthrough in all areas of the national economy and serves to meet a strong demand from the industry and the public.

A trade show featuring global achievements in the field of petrochemicals is a perfect opportunity for scientific, engineering and business communities to learn about the latest developments in technology and equipment, make useful business acquaintances and sign agreements and contracts.

:: Topics of Plastex Central Asia 2014 trade show
  • Machinery and equipment for production and processing of plastics and rubber
  • Processing equipment
  • Preprocessing and recycling equipment
  • Extruders and extrusion sets
  • Extrusion lines
  • Casting sets
  • Presses
  • Blow molding machines
  • Injection molding machines
  • Injection molding machines and accessories
  • Equipment for foam plastics manufacturing and thermosetting plastics processing
  • Finishing equipment
  • Welding equipment
  • Molds
  • Accessories, parts, molds, matrices
  • Measuring instruments and automation solutions
  • Raw and auxiliary materials (catalysts, stabilizers, fillers, foaming agents, pigments) for plastic production
  • Products derived from plastic and rubber (semi-finished and finished products, including those made of recycled materials)
  • Preparatory machines and equipment for plastic waste
  • Logistics: warehouse equipment
  • Services in the field of plastic and rubber production

:: Plastex Central Asia 2012 - Facts and Figures/span> The 9th CHEMIE and the 6th Plastex Central Asia trade shows were held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Both events shared a venue with KazBuild Spring 2012, the 7th Kazakhstan international trade show on construction.

Total floor area - 2,500 sq m, display area - 250 sq m.

Number of exhibitors - 17 companies from Austria, China, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Switzerland and Taiwan.

For the first time the trade show featured exhibitors from Kazakhstan including LLP Chemie & Technology - chemicals, LLP Polyolefin - TLC - distribution of the most widely produced polymers, colorants and additives made in Russia, China and Ukraine; other participants included Clariant Consulting (Switzerland) and Clariant chemical corporation, one of the world's largest manufacturers of specialty chemicals. A large range of equipment for plastic manufacturing and processing was presented by Herbold Meckesheim GmbH (Germany), one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for plastics grinding and pulverization, as well as for washing, separation and drying of soiled plastic waste. Exhibitors included companies from China, e.g. major manufacturers of equipment for plastic goods production, a firm specializing in design and manufacture of extrusion lines for plastic pipes, and a manufacturer of molds. Russia was represented by a number of companies such as CJSC SIBUR Holding (the largest petrochemical company in Russia and Eastern Europe with a full-cycle production including gas processing, production of monomers, plastics and synthetic rubbers, as well as plastics processing), JSC Karpov Chemical Plant (inorganic chemistry), LLC AVK-Polymer (equipment for plastics processing), OJSC Kazanorgsintez (producer of more than 170 different products). Starlinger & Co. Gesellschaft m.b.H. (Austria) showcased a technology for manufacturing well-known ad*STAR valved bags for cement and other granular products and more. In three days, the event was attended by over 2,000 specialists.

:: Attracting Attendees Direct mailing of 15,000 invitations using a professional database that includes all interested companies and institutions in Kazakhstan, as well as sending invitations through our offices in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Russia.

Distribution of 5,000 invitations through specialized publications and institutions in Kazakhstan.

:: Advertising Campaign
  • Advertising and articles in specialized publications in Kazakhstan and Central Asia
  • Radio and TV advertising in Almaty and the regions of Central Asia during two weeks before the event
  • Outdoor advertising in Almaty
  • Internet marketing