5-7 November 2014
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Atakent Exhibition Centre
Stand: M-3
Company: D.V. Sokolsky Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electro-Chemistry, Chemical-Engineering Research Centre
Address: 106, Shokan Ualikhanov St., Almaty, 050100
Country: Kazakhstan
Tel: + 7 727 2915808
Fax: + 7 727 2915722
Fundamentals of envisioning catalytic and electrochemical effect of metal, cluster and semi-conductor systems and control of their reactive capacity as a basis for new high technologies, - Catalytic processing of crude hydrocarbons, oil, bitumen, and natural gas, - Creating effective catalyst technologies for oil refinery, petrochemical synthesis, oxidation, and synthesis based on carbon monoxides, olefins, natural and liquefied associated gas. - Environment protection. Development of catalysts and neutralisers for treatment of motor vehicle exhausts and industrial discharges. - Methods to get pure and super-pure non-ferrous and precious metals and semi-conductors, metal and metal ware protection from corrosion, effective solar energy converters, sensors, etc. - Development of technologies for extraction of precious metals from secondary raw materials and used catalysts. - Electrochemical and catalytic synthesis of bioactive substances and pheromones of pests for biological protection of plants.